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Hidden Gem - Education Counsellor in EE Healthcare Category

Recently, the Canadian immigration authority has introduced a policy of inviting immigrants based on the occupational categories demanded in the Canadian labor market. If the applicant's occupation falls within the categories needed by the nation, the applicants can be invited to immigrate with relatively lower scores as there will be less competition.

In the current situation where the scores in the federal Express Entry (EE) program have remained high, careful career planning can also lead to early immigration through the healthcare category in the EE program with lower scores. In recent healthcare category invitations, the minimum scores were 476 points (June 28, 2023) and 463 points (July 6, 2023).

When it comes to the healthcare category, the first impression for many people is that it includes professions that require specialized education, such as doctors and nurses. However, school Education Counsellors (Education Counsellors, occupation code 41320) are also included in this category. Education counsellors working in elementary and secondary schools generally require teaching certifications and relevant undergraduate or master's education backgrounds.

But recently, I discovered that working as an advisor in a university can also lead to successful invitations through this pathway. Therefore, I examined other job titles under this occupational code and found that positions like Academic Advisors, Career Advisors, Student Services Counsellors at universities also qualify for inclusion in the healthcare category.

So, if you find a job in this industry (occupation code 41320) in the future, according to the current policy, in addition to meeting the stream requirements (Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class) under the federal Express Entry program, you only need to accumulate at least 6 months of full-time work experience (or equivalent part-time) as an Education Counsellor (occupation code 41320) in the past three years prior to application, whether inside or outside Canada. This can make you eligible for consideration under the healthcare category and receive invitations with relatively lower scores. You can find specific job responsibilities for occupation code 41320 here.

Many of the positions mentioned, such as Academic Advisors and Student Services Counselors, do not typically require specific professional qualifications. Therefore, it's a career option that recent graduates interested in working in student services can consider. These positions often value applicants' experience, but new graduates can start from entry-level positions, gain experience within the field, and gradually work their way up to advisory roles. I have personally been working in student services at higher-education sector for 6 years, and I welcome anyone interested to reach out for more information.

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